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Open Book interview about The Museum of Possibilities

I was interviewed by Open Book about my new short-story collection The Museum of Possibilities. Here is an excerpt, followed by a link to the full article: Barbara Sibbald‘s The Museum of Possibilities (Porcupine’s Quill) was a long time coming, and it was...

Ottawa Magazine review The Museum of Possibilities

Creepy tales! Who knew? Ottawa writer Barbara Sibbald’s most recent book has been 25 years in the making. Don’t panic. It’s not a volume on the scale of War and Peace; this is a book of delightful short stories, to be consumed in small, tasty bites. The Museum of...

CKCU interview

Barbara Sibbald is the featured guest on CKCU’s Literary Landscape with Pearl Pirie. Listen to it at: http://cod.ckcufm.com/programs/109/33276.html