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The Museum of Possibilities

A collection of quirky short stories focusing on pivotal moments of intense longing—for love, for power, for fame, for freedom, for revenge, and perhaps most of all, for connection in an increasingly disaffected world.


The Book of Love: Guidance in Affairs of the Heart

(General Store Publishing House, 2011)

Three women, seven men and one very wise self-help book merge in this unusual mélange of fiction and self-help.


Regarding Wanda

(Bunkhouse Press, 2006)

Small-town journalist Wanda Stewart discovers she has a degenerative eye condition, forcing her to face her faltering marriage and domineering father. (Short listed for the 2007 Ottawa Book Award, Fiction)


The Kitchen Chronicles

(Ottawa Magazine, 2013)

Food in fiction in 52 bite-sized dollops. Follow this fictitious family’s foibles as they wrangle in their kitchen, plus try the home-tested recipes. Food and pathos: you’ll be addicted in no time.